Questions for Radio Interview

Interview – Nandagopal, Convenor of Center for Integrated Learning

Interviewer – Nidhi Kushalappa

1) what are your hobbies?

2) Your area of interest ( apart from journalism) ?

3) What plans do you have in mind with regard to CIL’S future activities?

4) Your achievements so far in journalism field?

5) In the today’s fast moving pace of life, where everybody’s interested in his/her own personal goals, you have dedicated your time and work for students benefit, what inspired you take this step?

6) Has CIL been able to achieve its set up standards so far ?

7) Your experience in TOI ?

8) You have been working in journalism field for a long time, so what do you have to say about Medias role in Mangalore, when it comes to following media ethics

9)Do you plan to go back to full time working as a journalist?

10) Were your family members supportive while you were making important decisions in your life, eg, setting up CIL ?